Company Profile

Company Profile

Nirmal Images Pvt Ltd – PRE-PRESS and PROOFING SERVICE

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as leading UV CTP pre-press service providers. We are amongst the first to offer Laser diode technology to Gujarat commercial offset printing press market.

We currently cater to the pre-press needs of most reputed offset Presses in Ahmadabad.

The latest technology

The BasysPrint UV Setter 851 laser CTP series was recently launched by basysPrint Inc, Germany in 2008 DRUPA. The machine exposes all plate formats up to maximum size of 1150 X 940 mm. The special feature of the UV –Setter and its exposure technique is the very small, square spot or pixel. This little spot, 11 to28 um in size, depending on the resolution, has extremely sharp edge. Also the spots fit together seamlessly – unlike the round, unclear dots created in platesetter working with different exposure technology, which have to overlap. The distinct advantage of the spots created in the UV –setter are obvious. This means extremely high imaging quality can be achieved even at low resolutions using modern screen amounts of data, valuable memory saving and faster exposure.