Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control Division

Since our establishment, we at Nirmal Poly Plast Packaging Pvt. Ltd. has been putting huge emphasis of Quality control test done at each stage of production, to ensure that the final output is as per the customer specifications. The quality control system, which is a part of R&D department, carries out quality control test in effect for the control of raw materials purchased by us. This system is also in effect for inspecting and testing material during processing. This system provides assurance that the material procured by us continues to meet the physical, chemical, functional, visual, and dimensional requirements needed for the customer. Listed below are the specific tests on raw materials and finished products done at the quality control department at Nirmal Poly Plast Packaging Pvt Ltd.

The Testing Facilities includes...

  • Electric oven for testing odours.
  • Sealing machine for testing of sealability of films and laminates.
  • K-Roy Electronic G.S.M. balance (range 0-200 gsm) for minute gsm testing of films/paper/laminate with tolerance of 1m/gsm.
  • Bond strength testing machine to measure adhesive bond of laminate structures.
  • Film treaters, Corona Treatment checkers, Instruments for checking specific gravity of solvents and chemicals, ink viscosity measuring devices, equipment for dewaxing, portable gsm weighing machine, micrometers for checking film thickness, bar coaters for ink matching etc...

Our Computerized production planning system ensures strict adherence to the delivery schedules agreed with customers.

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